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Used to filter intake air. These filters are designed to extend the life of the more expensive ceiling filters and decrease maintenance cost. Available in various sizes and configurations for every application.

  • Bag Filters

    Extended surface filters constructed of reinforced polyester media. Available with or without a galvanized steel header in a bag, cube, or multiple pocket configuration. These filters are available in many standard sizes and can also be manufactured to your specifications.

  • Sock Filters

    Designed to filter intake or incoming air and extend the life of the more expensive ceiling filters. Available in various sizes for every application.
  • Panel Filters

    Prefilter panels with internal frames constructed of quality polyester media. Also available as a link-type filter.
  • Pads & Rolls

    The perfect prefilter where a polyester pad or blanket is required. Not self-supporting, booth must have a holding frame for support.
  • Pleated Filters

    Extended surface "according" filter available in standard and high capacity. Pleated filters are ideal in applications where a panel filter is required, but air flow restriction and efficiency are a major concern.
  • Framed Fiberglass

    Panel filter designed for air filtration application with light to medium dust loading conditions. Use as a pre filter or intake filter where a lower efficiency filter is sufficient.