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  • Bag Filters

    Extended surface filters constructed of reinforced polyester media. Available with or without a galvanized steel header in a bag, cube, or multiple pocket configuration. These filters are available in many standard sizes and can also be manufactured to your specifications.

  • Sock Filters

    Designed to filter intake or incoming air and extend the life of the more expensive ceiling filters. Available in various sizes for every application.
  • Panel Filters

    Prefilter panels with internal frames constructed of quality polyester media. Also available as a link-type filter.
  • Pads & Rolls

    The perfect prefilter where a polyester pad or blanket is required. Not self-supporting, booth must have a holding frame for support.
  • Pleated Filters

    Extended surface "according" filter available in standard and high capacity. Pleated filters are ideal in applications where a panel filter is required, but air flow restriction and efficiency are a major concern.
  • Framed Fiberglass

    Panel filter designed for air filtration application with light to medium dust loading conditions. Use as a pre filter or intake filter where a lower efficiency filter is sufficient.