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Thermocouple Wire Type K 2 Wire, Sold by the Foot Ignition Electrode J30 & J50 (for LP & Natural Gas) Honeywell Wiring Sub Base
Honeywell Wiring Sub Base
Our Price: $48.00
Sub Base (Formally Blu-Surf, Q7800B-1003) Maxon Spark Ignitor 1.5" Gap Spark Rod Rupp SR5106
Spark Rod Rupp SR5106
Our Price: $81.00
Purge Timer 10SEC. ST7800A-1021 Honeywell 90 Sec. Purge Card (ST7800A1062) Purge Timer 30s Replaces 117-674 (ST7800A1039)
Temperature Sensor A/100-3W-L-2.5"-NW-4X (PT100/39063 Replacement) Air Pressure Switch Burner Air Flow-Non Adjustable Thermocouple Type J Miniature Head
Flame Safeguard Base Fire-Eye Flame Safeguard Amplifier Module Fire-Eye Pressure Switch 3.0" - 21.0" Man Res. 1/4" NPT
Thermocouple Type J KIT (Single Head) Sequence Controller 4 Step 30 Sec. Flame Rod w/Spark Plug
Flame Rod w/Spark Plug
Our Price: $249.00
Thermocouple Type KK 8" Thermocouple Type JJ 12" Amp. Ultra Violet Flame RM7895A
Thermocouple Type KK 8"
Our Price: $267.00
Thermocouple Type JJ 12"
Our Price: $268.00
Sequence Controller 10 Step Flame Safety Relay Amplifier (R7847A-1082) U.V. Minipeeper 0-215'F(for LP Gas) Minipeeper UV Flame
Sequence Controller 6 Step Hi/Low Limit Controller L4064  -40 to 190F Thermocouple Type KK 12"
Sequence Controller 6 Step
Our Price: $287.00
Thermocouple Type KK 12"
Our Price: $315.00
Flame Safety Relay Amplifier - Rupp (R7847A-1025) Flame Safeguard Main Chassis Fire-Eye Sequence Controller 22 Step