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    The premium exhaust filter solution for high-volume shops, GFS Poly features an exceptional holding capacity and efficiency rating for long-lasting performance, reduced costs and increased paint shop productivity.

  • GFS Wave Pads / Rolls

    GFS Wave filter media is designed to depth load with minimal face loading, is the most versatile single-stage filtration media made for paint spray booths
  • Fiberglass Pads / Rolls

    Fiberglass arrestor media is the most popular and ideal for use in most spray booth applications. Water resistant and available as pads and rolls, with or without remay (scrim) backing and in various efficiencies and holding capacities. Compliant with EPA 6H law.
  • Paint Pockets Pads / Rolls

    The best performing single-stage over spray arrestor for arresting both liquid and powder coating over spray generated in industrial, automotive and aerospace applications. Available in precut pads and rolls. Compliant with EPA 6H law
  • Expanded Paper Pads / Rolls

    Expanded Paper arrestors although not as water resistant as fiberglass media will not face-load as quickly thus providing a longer service life. Available in standard or high capacity with or without polyester backing. 3200 series, poly-backed option is compliant with EPA 6H law.
  • Polyester Pads / Rolls

    High efficiency polyester exhaust media available in pads or rolls with or without tack.
  • Stryobaffle

    This three stage, baffle-type, styrofoam arrestor has a unique design that creates less static pressure than other leading styrofoam arrestors on the market, with a greater average efficiency. The Styrobaffle arrestor also dissolves in waste thinner for easier disposal.
  • Andreae Accordion

    A two stage baffle-type arrestor with 1.5" thick white cardboard "accordion" walls, self supporting (no wire grids required). For use in spray booths that are designed for an accordion-type arrestor.