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  • 2 And 3 Stage Filtration

    Global Finishing Solutions’ high-efficiency, three-stage filtration system delivers a higher holding capacity and more cost savings than other systems. It is highly effective at capturing high volumes of paint and dust.
  • Bag Filters

    A bag filter helps capture overspray to increase efficiency. It features a composite of pre-filter, melt-blown and spun-bound polyester fibers. The pockets are sewn together on the perimeter with two heat seals, forming three air channels in each bag pocket. The bag pockets on the metal support are inserted into a galvanized metal header, which contains a sealing agent inside of each header to eliminate the possibility of paint bypass within the filter.
  • Cartridge Filters

    High-efficiency cartridge filters are used to collect powder dust in powder recovery booths and in safe air dust collection systems. They are high-strength filter media, featuring a flame-retardant treatment.

  • Pad/Panel Filters

    Medium-efficiency, pleated panel filters for powder and dust collection are made of a non-woven cotton/synthetic blend media. They feature radial pleat construction, allowing for minimum pressure. Filter pads are UL and CUL listed, and Class I and Class II approved.