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  • Economy Grade

    Use in cross-draft applications where the user requires a good basic filter and cost is a major consideration.
  • Standard Grade

    Used in cross draft spray booths these filters are an industry favorite and a proven performer at a great price. Available in panels, pads and blankets.
  • Premium Grade

    Used in downdraft booths and prep stations that require a panel filter (with frame) or requires something less restrictive than a high efficiency media. Use in cross draft applications to provide the ultimate protection.
  • High Efficiency

    Use in downdraft spray booths and prep stations were a high efficiency diffusion media is required. Available to fit all downdraft booths and preps.
  • High Temperature Roll Media

    Global Finishing Solutions only uses Hi Temp Compatible media. These filters are suitable for use with the Smart Cure type control systems, which generate higher heat during the cure cycles. Polyester fiber bonded with a polyvinyl chloride binder, diffusion media High-Temperature. Flame Retardant added.